Pinky Paradise

These Make Us Up!


Don't forget to fly, then strike a pose and sissy that walk! You can get so close to the world of beauty, it's not a step away but a step within.

Career progression, skills expansion or a good working environment? You can have all these, and you will have it in style.


Open communication without the nuisance of office politics, we embrace you, not lambasting at your back! No shades, honey!

We work together as a team! Everybody need everybody else, this is our culture; when you're in, you're in.

Our Venture

We are glam, fab and famous. Is that how we stay pretty in the beauty industry? We bet so!

Plenty of love towards Circle lenses, cosmetics and wigs. It's just a beginning, we are going further, as far as we could go. Now, we are venturing into the consumer printing service too!

Who We Are

Currently owning and operating, the world largest online circle lens retailer, and in conjunction with other beauty product sites, we ought to become the online gateway of beauty and cosmetic world.

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Our Venture & Associate

Some Of Our Happy Affliate Partners

A practicing photographer and cosplayer since 2012, that’s how long I work with RJ cosmetic!


As a beauty exemplar, working with you is the best deal.


Been so many years collaborating, it has been a great opportunity and experience.