FlipChap, Our Current Project!

We want to immortalize every, beautiful moment that you have and stay marvelous in print! We wanted to design a product that had high quality printing together with fine, handmade craftsmanship . Thus Flipchap was born! All your memories kept in your own, beautiful style!


Photo Album

A photobook is a treasure to keep for generations to come! We have different types of photobooks that caters to absolutely everyone. The famous Layflat Photobook, whether it be a Printed Layflat , Classic Layflat or Leatherette Layflat Photobook, are perfect for wedding, travel or any large and panoramic photos. These same choices can also be for the Hardcover Photobooks, a classic standout for any coffee table or book shelf! And of course the magazine-like, Softcover Photobook. Lightweight and flexible for you to be able to take it everywhere with you. The choices of materials and how you want to design your photobook are endless and will help you to unleash your creative side.



Photobooks also deserve good protection and stunning presentation. Therefore we also offer Handmade Boxes .

Each box is completely handmade with an artisan skill in them to ensure that the photobooks will last for years to come. With 4 different types to choose from, The Black Box, The Flexi Slip , The Modern Flip Box , and The Artisan Lift Box , there is definitely something for everyone!


FlipChap is a company that is more than just a name. We want to bring memories to life whereby you can flip the chapters of your life in your hands that can be passed down for generations to come. Everyone’s amazing life story deserves its own, treasure box! Want to be part of it? Join us, and bring out your potential!

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